Thursday, 12 June 2008

Bristol marks start of National Bike Week

An important cycle link across the Centre by the Cascade Steps has been closed off to accommodate a promotional display for a sugary drink manufacturer. Only a narrow strip is left open south of the fountains and it looks as if the level access from Broad Quay will be blocked off, forcing cyclists to negotiate steps or take a longer detour. Could be pretty chaotic over the next couple of days!

There are many other locations in and around the Centre where such promotional displays can be accommodated without blocking or seriously constricting such key links for cyclists and walkers. One has to wonder at the thinking of the City Council in selecting this particular location, especially given the start of National Bike Week on Saturday.

This blunder comes on top of the closure of another key cycle link, Valentine's Bridge which crosses the River Avon near Temple Meads station, the main route for cyclists between city centre and the Railway Path. We are told the closure is to enable development of the north bank to proceed. It was originally agreed with the developer that a new bridge was to be in place prior to the closure of Valentine's Bridge, but this new bridge will not now be open until August 2oth. The Council have apparently allowed the bridge closure to go ahead so cyclists will be diverted onto the city's inner ring road to cross the Avon. This decision has been heavily criticised in on-line comments to the Evening Post article.

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