Monday, 21 July 2008

Bristol Traffic

Just a quick plug for the excellent Bristol Traffic site which, thanks mainly to Steve L's diligence and wit, is producing a steady stream of amusing and topical posts depicting some of the realities of traffic in Bristol. His latest scoop is to capture a Road Traffic Accident (shouldn't that be Incident?) and it seems the culpable driver, to boot. who needs the Evening Post, or the Police for that matter?


Woodsy said...


The correct link for the site is

The link in your piece just links to the image you've used.

Chris Hutt said...

Thanks for pointing that out woodsy. Now corrected.

SteveL said...

-"alleged" culpable driver; its good to leave all things open. Maybe they were drunk, maybe they just made a mistake. Which we all get to do from time to time. I've returned a rental car with a deer-shaped dent on the front (I should post that one day), and cracked an oil sump on my own car when changing from the wrong side of the road to the correct side (somewhere in the US; it was confusing). It's just in a car, when you screw up, you do more damage, often to other people.

Chris Hutt said...

Sounds like you should have had an SUV Stevel. We all make mistakes but even then we are "culpable". Besides the alleged driver's alleged attempt to flee the scene looks like an admission of guilt, allegedly.

Talking of using the wrong side of the road, I was cycle touring in France once, heavily laden with panniers and camping gear, when I passed a group of French cyclists resting at a junction where my minor road joined a much wider one.

As I cycled off along the major road they started shouting after me - cheering in admiration, or so I thought (I fancied that I'd heard "bon chance")- and it was only when the first car approached me head-on that I realised why.

SteveL said...

SUV? No, the deer was just being new to the state, not knowing that the site of a deer by the roadside meant hit the brakes full on hard, as they will jump in front of you. They aren't like sheep. Driving an EU car (VW Passat, 35+ miles/US gallon at US speeds), meant that I got free mileage on the ski trips, and I had chains in the back for when it got icey. more than once I saw SUVs get into trouble because their all wheel drive didnt warn them the road was full of ice underfoot, not until they hit the brakes and skidded. No, I liked a relatively fuel efficient car, even when they were charging only $1.60/gallon (=25p/litre).

Regarding your France incident; done the same thing myself once in Geneva; jumped out of a park into a kerb, almost head first into a van. After that, you learn.