Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Parking inspires eloquence

Yet another blogger dips into the well of Bristol's car parking idiosyncrasies for inspiration. Who'd have thought that such a mundane business as parking cars should inspire such witty and eloquent writing? I suppose it's a mark of good writing that an everyday event can be described in engaging and thought provoking terms.

Setting a fine example by blocking the footway outside a local school

We welcome Dru Marland to the band of bloggers who have been developing this new literary genre here in Bristol (could this be the new trip hop?). The seminal Bristol Traffic (from where I nicked the Dru Marland link) continues to be very inventive, while Southville Roads has been quiet recently, although he must be given credit for a more confrontational approach to the malparkers (I'm trying to do my bit by inventing some apposite vocabulary - remember you saw it here first).

Meanwhile N609 SBD deals with the other entrance to the school.....

Anyway this seems a good moment to post a few pics from my own ever expanding database. I've decided to focus on the malparking of those in authority for 2009, so let them be warned. We can hardly expect Joe Public to obey traffic rules that are routinely flouted by the Police, local authorities and other guardians of civic standards (unless Joe Public is riding a bike of course, when such blatant hypocrisy seems to be in order).

...right next to this notice. Is illiteracy an excuse?


Anonymous said...

Not at the price that school's likely charging.

SteveL said...

Christchurch School is a state-run CofE; you get your R.E. for free