Saturday, 28 February 2009

Signs of the Times 2

Bureaucrats do like their signs and none more so than Bristol's Harbour Master, whose offices are in the Underfall Yard at the western end of the Floating Harbour. Some think it's all getting out of hand, expecting people to blindly follow written instructions without regard to reality, but I suppose that is exactly how bureaucrats conduct their lives.

Despite the speed limit of 5 mph, barely more than walking pace, the Harbour Master has nevertheless gone to the extraordinary length of marking out the prescribed pedestrian route through the yard with yellow hatching! It seems nothing must be left to chance in the Harbour Master's domain.

How else would we know not to go swimming in the inviting blue waters, or not to walk off the edge of the quayside? Think how many lives have already been saved by these vitally important signs. How fortunate we are in having such a diligent Harbour Master.

I suppose the 5 mph speed limit is required to allow time to read all the signs. But what is this? Do we see signs of dissent within the Harbour Master's dominion? Or has this recycling bin been allocated for Bristol's erstwhile Labour Cabinet?

PS> For more bureaucratic signage bollocks check Bristol Traffic.


woodsy said...

When it comes to signage, I wish we had a council with a sense of humour, as in this fine example from Suffolk. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Chris - I thought the bin had been reserved for you and your continued carping criticism of anything, everything and anybody in this city.

Chris Hutt said...

Hi TC. I see you're recycling MB's not very imaginative Twitter comment.

SP said...

"I suppose the 5 mph speed limit is required to allow time to read all the signs"