Sunday, 12 October 2008

Welcome to Southville Roads

I'm not sure if I started it all back on May 18th, but some of my earliest sidebar posts were pictures of badly parked cars, followed by my first blog on parking on 1st June. The excellent Bristol Traffic promptly took up the theme and has since turned it into an art form with creative sarcasm. Now my Google searches have picked up another blog on the same theme - Southville Roads - started at the beginning of September. I've added a link to my sidebar.

I like his style (assuming it's a he - it usually is since women generally have better things to do with their time than vent their frustrations via a blog), not quite as wryly detached as Bristol Traffic but still witty and with the anger more evident. That's my baby.

So that's Southville covered and Cotham/Clifton tends to feature in Bristol Traffic, leaving 30 odd wards still crying out for their own version of Bristol Traffic. Blogspot blogs are very simple to set up and cost nothing in money (although plenty of time, once you get addicted), so how about it before the market gets saturated?


SteveL said...

1. sorry, you didnt start it; look through the BCyC mail archives to see the discussion.

2. I cover my commute to filton, we have good bedminster coverage too. Other areas welcome.

SP said...

Thanks for the link Chris. It was indeed your blog and Bristol Traffic that inspired me. Primarily it's a good way to release all that pent-up anger, but things are going to get more interesting soon - I'm getting some 'calling cards' printed so I can notify offenders of their impending infamy :)

And who knows, perhaps this might actually change things?

Chris Hutt said...

Sp, excellent blog. May I suggest you contact Steve L. He has been very helpful to me in explaining something of the legal aspects of identifying motorists, etc. without being exposed to a libel action.

bristle said...


Nice blog :-)

I'd try and do something similar for St. Paul's, but the hardest part would be what *not* to photograph ;-)

Chris Hutt said...

Stevel, the first mention of the idea of having a web site for pics of errant motorists that I can find was posted by yours truly at 8 am on 27th May as follows -

".... it would be good to have a site where we could all post such pics, something like "Bad driving in Bristol". It would be a public record which could be referred to the police and authorities."

That was 12½ hours before your post saying -

"- I too have a dream of a web site you can complain about by car
registration number, by photo, email or even texting."

All credit to you for picking up the idea and putting it into such good effect within a few days, but it does look as if I was the first to propose it.

We all build on ideas already put forward by others (standing on the shoulders of giants as Newton said) so I don't want to make a big deal of it, but you cited that particular record and that's what it records.

bristle said...

There's only one way to settle this.

Mud wrestling.

Anonymous said...

But what about the tree felling on the cyclepath ?
Speading yerself a bit thin ain't u ?