Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Cabot Cacophony

Bristolians are being subjected to unprecedented levels of hype in advance of the opening of the new shopping mall at Broadmead, or rather Cabot Circus as all loyal Bristolians must now call it. The Evening Post can barely contain its enthusiasm for this £500 million development, complete with car parking for over 2,600 cars, due to open its doors in just a week's time.

But the timing could be better. The recession is really biting and people are cutting down on non-essential expenditure. Up market stores are losing sales to those with a reputation for the keenest pricing. Restaurants, bars and cafes are closing down. What prospect for the likes of House of Fraser, Raymond Blanc and Harvey Nichols?

But we must be upbeat and optimistic, now more than ever, for the sake of our proud city and the unstinting efforts of our entrepreneurs to promote it. Here for example is an extract from a brochure published by Viceroy Invest, who are desperately trying to flog off apartments over the shop (that's Harvey Nicks of course), under the heading Bristol - an Economic Dynamo.

More than 160 companies have their UK headquarters (in Bristol) including Lloyds TSB and HBOS....40% of Bristol employees work in the financial services sector. Think bonuses and their effect on premium city centre apartments! Bristol International Airport is constantly expanding its routes to destinations worldwide.

Er, will you tell them or shall I?


Glenn Vowles said...

Despite our city's 'green capital' ambitions the car park the council have allowed at Cabot Circus will be one of the biggest in Europe!

We shop therefore we are. We drive therefore we are. Apparently!!

Spectator said...

If we're supposed to call it Cabot Circus, then who are the clowns?

The people should be told!

Anonymous said...

"...40% of Bristol employees work in the financial sector..."