Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Welcome Evening Post readers

The Bristol Evening Post have finally published the story broken here 12 days ago and at Bristol Indymedia 18 days ago. (later edit - they've now followed up with this story, and later still this.)

Their report gives a fair outline of the land sale issue, but you'll find a lot more juicy detail, including the involvement of a prominent Merchant Venturer, here and on The Bristol Blogger and Keep the Bank Green, the last being a site recently set up by local people (not me as reported in the Post).

One important point that needs to be stressed is that the proposed development will replace around 100 metres of mature hedgerow with a 7 storey twin-tower block, a 4 storey block of flats and 14 houses, all just 4 metres from the tarmac path. The rural character of the Path will be lost.

If you want to follow the development of this story over the last 4 blog posts start here and then follow the link at the end of each post.


James Barlow said...

They published my story about the Museum of Bristol overspend as well.

I suppose the important thing is that we're making an impression on the mainstream media.

I'm having a go at my first FoI request this week; I'll swap notes after I get a response.

Chris Hutt said...

I guess it makes a lot of sense for the provincial press to let bloggers do the investigative reporting and then pick and mix to fill their pages.

But as the public catch-on they will stop relying on the press and go straight to the bloggers for the news.

What's needed I suppose is some sort of intermediary to filter out the good blog stories so people don't waste their lives wading through all the garbage.

Maybe that's what newspapers will evolve into.