Monday, 22 September 2008

Interfering Interface

It seems that Squarepeg's greenwash and marketing consultants, Interface, fronted by Jenny Gee, didn't like their products being given free publicity on this blog yesterday.

My last blog post revealed the type of marketing products more commonly produced by Interface, who've recently been putting on a very plausible green face for the purposes of selling the idea of building houses along the embankment of the Railway Path at Greenbank.

My blog post included several links to images on web pages included in the Portfolio section of Interface's website. But this evening I find that all the links have been cut by Interface, presumably in a fit of pique. It seems they'd rather you didn't know that their run of the mill products are glossy brochures, junk mail and excess packaging of the sort that we all so roundly despise.

So let the web wars commence. My retaliation is to copy these images to an independent site where, hopefully, they won't be able to get their coffee stained little fingers on them. So once again you can feast your eyes on the products of the creativity of Interface. I can't imagine what they were so ashamed of, can you?

Of course declaring web war on a company that claims to specialise in software development might seem rather rash, but if their software competence is anything like their PR competence then I reckon I'm on safe ground.


Spectator said...

What a bunch of sneaks. If I were the manufacturer of such esteemed products as Marmite or Bovril, I would be very concerned about my company being associated with such dubious behaviour, and would cancel any contracts forthwith.

The Bristol Blogger said...

This is from their 'Public Relations' offer in the 'Portfolio' section:

Sensitive planning applications often require carefully presented information campaigns to make sure the benefits don't get overlooked. From strategy planning and public exhibitions through to positive press comment, Interface can make a valuable contribution to your planning communications.

So they specialise in making sensitive planning applications palatable then?

bristle said...

"...positive press comment..."

Hmmm, I wonder how that might be generated...

Anonymous said...

Speaks volumes doesn't it!

Keep up the good work.

David Hembrow said...

This is my favourite quote from the website: "When you are selling the dream of home ownership, the marketing campaign needs to help make the dream a reality."


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