Sunday, 28 September 2008

Is Nothing Sacred?

It's one thing for our new Big Brother organisation Carboot Circus, who've taken over control of some of Bristol's most historic public open spaces, to boot out riff-raff like smokers and bygone religious nutters, but now things have really gone too far. It seems that even Zombies are persona non grata down at Carboot Circus.

Yesterday morning a group of Zombies, who surely have as much right to enjoy the delights of Carboot Circus as anyone else, gathered in Castle Park (not yet under the auspices of Big Brother) and wandered down to the new Mecca* but were prevented from entering by "the men in dark suits" who normally lurk discretely but ominously in the background.

Presumably "the management" took the view that nothing should distract from the prescribed form of Mammon worship, although the Zombies own moral vacuity would seem to make them natural co-religionists. But such intolerance of even the slightest deviation from religious orthodoxy has always been the hallmark of religious sects reveling in their supremacy.

Thanks to Perlmonger for the pics.

(* just to be equally offensive to all religions. No discrimination here.)


Spectator said...

They just threw them out? That’s disgusting! I mean, I thought that this Carboot Circus thingy was supposed to be Bristolian... well, they don't seem to be acting in a very Bristolian manner to me... the proper way to deal with heretics and blasphemers here in Bristol is to pillory and whip 'em, brand a letter "B" on their forehead, bore a hole through their tongue with a hot iron, and then give 'em a couple of years hard labour, a la James Nayler.

These international conglomerates and corporations just don’t understand that we have our own, traditional way of doing things here in Bristol!

Anonymous said...

I think these absolutely powerless security goons are going to provide us with some good sport over the next few years.

Chris Hutt said...

I heard today that the monthly Critical Mass bike ride took a detour through the middle of Carboot Circus on Friday Evening, demanding to know where the cycle parking racks are?

So that's Quakers expelled on Thursday, Cyclists on Friday and Zombies on Saturday. Who said being a security goon is boring?

Anonymous said...

Few more pics for you.

Spectator said...

For those of a spiritual bent, it has just been pointed out to me that all the events at Carboot Circus have been foretold in the Book of Revelation, chapter 18.

I took a look myself... it clearly tells how Carboot (or is that Babylon) Circus will collapse as the credit crunch unfolds.;

It's nearly enough to get me going to church... note that I said NEARLY enough...

Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination or is that security guard Adrian Utley moonlighting from the busy schedule of hardworking local beat combo Portishead?