Saturday, 27 September 2008

Quakers expelled from Quakers Friars

Just picked this up from a video link on Indymedia. Apparently some of Bristol's Quakers were distributing leaflets in Quakers Friars, where for 200 years they used to hold their meetings, to publicise a public meeting that they are organising to debate the impact of the new Cabot Circus shopping mall. This former public space has been privatised and is now owned by the mall developers who obviously took a dim view of freedom of thought being promoted in their private realm and "turfed" the Quakers out. Welcome to Carboot Circus.

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elizabeth said...

Veni, vidi,...and I winced. Why, oh why didn't they just pedestrianise Old Market and keep it clean and policed? And Park Street and Queens Road too. As has been pointed out, the Carboot crowds seem happy to get out of their cars and walk for miles, having paid (£5 is it?) to park, because the new streets are clean and safe. City fathers, take note.